Let’s talk about the U.S. government of 1938
And the burgeoning new industry they declined regulate
“It makes no sense, they’re just dispensing nutrients, my dear,
And if we popped that bottle top, we know what we would hear?”

I am not a medicine, I am not a drug
Dude, I’m food, so don’t intrude – it’s rude to pull my plug
I want to be a mystery, don’t peer inside the pill
and if I’m not a medicine, perhaps you never will

You know I wear my therapeutic promises with pride
With every name, a happy claim – discreetly qualified
No reason to investigate, no reason to delay
You might just live forever if you take me twice a day

I am not a medicine, I am not a drug
To keep me cheap, you need to sweep me, right under the rug
Hey, FDA, get out the way, why can’t we stay like this?
Where I am not a medicine, and ignorance is bliss…


I Am Not A Medicine written and performed by Casey Bennetto, (c) Genepool Productions 2018

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