Current, accessible science and health-driven facts for the classroom. The Vitamania education kits provide an ideal learning resource to accompany the film itself.

From the education specialists who created learning resources for Go Back to Where You Came From, National Geographic GEOzone, Discovery Kids and ABC Splash, the Vitamania education kits engage and educate students about the power and complexity of vitamins — empowering them to make informed decisions about vitamin consumption.

About this resource

Presented by YouTube superstar Dr Derek Muller (Veritasium), Vitamania provides viewers with an in-depth, balanced and factually accurate investigation into the science and history of vitamins and supplements.

The Education Kits have been created for Genepool Productions by Quadrant Media and Education Pty Ltd, who have been consulting, developing and producing education and learning materials for the Australian and international film and television industry for over twenty years. QME’s founder and Director, Dr Anne Chesher, is a recipient of an Australian Research Council doctorate research scholarship which enabled a recent and comprehensive appraisal of the confluence of the 21st-century classroom, current teacher pedagogy and student screen use behaviour.

Two kits

Relating specifically to the Australian Curriculum, each kit aligns with different subject areas and learning levels:

1 – Upper Primary Years 5-6 Health and Physical Education

–> click to view Australian Curriculum pointers

2 – Secondary School Years 7 – 10 Science

–> click to view Australian Curriculum pointers

Each kit consists of a variety of assets that can be used separately or in combination to enhance and expand the learning experience.
Assets include:

  • classroom exercises
  • group work exercises
  • individual work
  • homework assignment tools

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What’s included?

Each downloadable kit includes:

Videos: (with a licence to screen them within educational institutions)

  • Vitamania: The Sense and Nonsense of Vitamins (full-length 90min documentary)
  • Short clips from the film
  • Deleted scenes
  • Extended interviews

Class materials:

  • Curriculum pointers for the Australian Curriculum
  • 3 lesson plans
  • 2 quizzes
  • 2 thinking activities
  • Debate topics
  • Song lyrics
  • Vitamania poster artwork (for printing and classroom display)
  • Behind the scenes photos

Additional teacher resources:

  • Vitamin profiles
  • Fun facts
  • Historical timeline of vitamin discovery and understanding
  • Vitamin data and health benefits
  • List of foods that are rich in vitamins
  • All about the production, including profiles on all expert and personal story contributors

The Vitamania Education Kits – a comprehensive and scientifically accurate learning resource that reveals the sense and nonsense of vitamins and supplements.