ACCLAIM for Vitamania


“Superb science…and funky in every sense. It will extend both your life…and brain span”

Robyn Williams
The Science Show, ABC Radio National



“In her own way, [Sonya Pemberton] and her collaborators are trying to reclaim the territory of trust at a time when scientific denialism is still rife and when that territory has been shrinking.

This complex, dense, ultimately benignly enlighten­ing and always fun to watch documentary is what truth-seeking looks like: a group of filmmakers pursuing ideas with curiosit­y, openness and discipline.”

Graeme Blundell



“A cracking watch”

Adam Spencer
author, broadcaster, geek, dad




“The first time that composer Casey Bennetto (Keating! The Musical) appears, singing a multi-genre medley explaining vitamins found in food, his presence is a jarring reminder of That Sugar Film, which also employs musical numbers to impart facts. But by the time he sings a Dylanesque ballad about the vitamin industry, it all makes alarming sense. Australian-Canadian science presenter, Derek Muller, forces a rethink about what is in those magic pills.”

Bridget McManus